June 13, 2019

New warehouse at Newmarket receives planning permission

Developers have been given the green light to go ahead with the construction of new warehousing facilities at Newmarket Lane, Stanley, Wakefield.

When completed, the 6,252 m2 premises is expected to create 130 new jobs.

Today’s planning committee agreed that the application should be approved, especially since the area has been designated for commercial development in the Local Plan and the objections raised could not be upheld by planning law.

The Council continues to work in partnership with Yorkcourt Limited and Wakefield Trinity over a new community stadium at Belle Vue, which is the preferred site, following our recent loan to the club to buy the property.

Further enabling development at Newmarket Lane can be considered by planning in due course in support of this scheme.

Cllr Denise Jeffery, Cabinet Member for Economic Growth and Regeneration said: “We have a win-win situation for all parties, having listened very carefully to the aspirations of the residents of the district, rugby fans and investors.

“For Wakefield Trinity fans and the community in general, plans are forging ahead for the construction of a community stadium at Belle Vue.

“For the business community, new premises are being created to attract more business to the district and create more jobs. We have been making substantial progress in growing business in the district and attracting investment at a time when Brexit uncertainties have caused a halt to investment elsewhere in the country.

“In March the Council agreed to provide a loan with Wakefield Trinity to start the process of establishing Belle Vue as their home base and developing a community stadium.

“All three partners – the Council, Yorkcourt Ltd and Wakefield Trinity – are working together to ensure that the aspirations for the community stadium will be achieved.

“I therefore welcome today’s planning committee decision and ask the residents of Wakefield to do the same.”

Development partners Yorkcourt Ltd and Henry Boot Developments (HBD), said: “The scheme at Newmarket Lane is of notable benefit to the local economy in Wakefield, both creating and safeguarding jobs as well as bringing disused former colliery land back into use. We continue to work closely with both Wakefield Council and Wakefield Trinity, and remain committed to reaching a solution that works for everyone.”

Wakefield Trinity said “We are very pleased and encouraged by the ongoing discussions and activity as we move forward to the next phase of our development plans at Belle Vue, following the purchase of the ground. There is still a lot of hard work to complete, but I firmly believe we are on course to realise our ambitions for the Community Stadium that the city of Wakefield and its people deserve.”

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The Modern Slavery Act 2015 - Group Statement: View here

Henry Boot PLC and its Group Companies has, following the introduction of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the “Act”) implemented a number of measures which seek to bring about greater transparency and scrutiny into our various supply chains, in order to combat slavery and trafficking activities. Further to this, over the past year we have been reviewing the measures put in place and seeking to identify additional actions to strengthen our due diligence and transparency. The aim of the Act is in line with our own ‘Henry Boot Way’ Vision and Values, as updated in 2017, which include ‘Respect’, ‘Integrity’ and ‘Collaboration’, all of which are relevant to our approach in this regard.

We continue to keep under regular review our Human Trafficking and Slavery Statement (the ‘Statement’), setting out the activities undertaken to reduce the risk of slavery and trafficking activities being present within our business operations. These measures include the introduction of an Anti-Slavery Policy, due diligence requirements, and mandatory contract clauses seeking compliance by our supply chain with appropriate anti-slavery measures. Additional measures that have recently been put into place to increase knowledge and vigilance throughout our organisation and supply chain include posters and awareness cards across our sites.

We will continue to regularly work with our partners, contractors, suppliers and other stakeholders, as well as keeping industry best practice under review, to monitor our approach for effectiveness, and consider any changes or additional measures as appropriate.

Click to access our Statement here.

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John Sutcliffe
Chief Executive Officer