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Extensive experience in the UK property industry

Henry Boot Developments is the principal property development subsidiary of Henry Boot PLC
The Company directly undertakes a broad range of development projects throughout the UK from its six regional offices located in Sheffield, Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow, London and Manchester.

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Henry Boot has delivered commercial and industrial property developments, evolving into an established UK institution that thrives to this day.

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Henry Boot Developments deliver and manage high quality sustainable developments that mitigate significant environmental, societal and economic impacts both now and in the future.

We stay ahead of the game.
We are resilient, have staying power.
Our values are built from the ground up.

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 - Group Statement: View here

Henry Boot PLC and its Group Companies welcome the introduction of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the “Act”) including any measures which seek to bring about greater transparency and scrutiny into our various supply chains, in order to combat slavery and trafficking activities.

In accordance with the legislation, we have produced a Human Trafficking and Slavery Statement (the “Statement”), setting out the introduction of various measures throughout our supply chain management which will be most effective at reducing the risk of slavery and trafficking activities being present within our business operations. These measures include the introduction of an Anti-Slavery Policy, due diligence requirements, and mandatory contract clauses seeking compliance by our supply chain with appropriate anti-slavery measures.

We will be regularly working with our partners, contractors, suppliers and other stakeholders to bring these measures into effect, and then to review their effectiveness and consider any changes or additional measures which such a review highlights.

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John Sutcliffe
Chief Executive Officer
Henry Boot PLC
January 2017